15 Fall Fashion Pieces That Work No Matter Where You Live, Because Some Of Us Aren't Blessed With Seasons

Fall fashion is something we all look forward to. The cozy sweaters, fun accessories, amazing boots — I could go on. But for those of us who live in warmer locations, sometimes it seems like we're missing out on a little piece of seasonal fashion because, well, a lot of times fall simply feels like slightly cooler summers. And while sunshine and palm trees are nice and all, some of us are secretly itching to just wear a sweater once or twice a year.

But there's some fall pieces that everyone can wear, no matter where you live. Between lightweight sweaters, fun scarves, and versatile denim, the world of fall fashion is something we can all partake in and enjoy thoroughly. And that's how things should be, right? Right. Here's 15 of the best fall pieces that you should buy now, no matter what temperature it is where you live.

Oversized Cardigan

It gets cold in our air-conditioned offices and classrooms. Staying warm (and stylish) while inside is necessary.

Mango Oversized Knitted Cardi, $92.42,

Sweater Dress

When the weather eventually gets to the low 70s/high 60s, light sweater dresses are the perfect option.

Maried Sweater Dress, $28,


Booties transition flawless to every season, making them perfect for a girl who lives somewhere where it’s always a version of summer.

The Ollie Boot, $248,

Wide-Brimmed Hat

Hats are very trendy for fall and winter, but also just in general — so feel free to style a wide-brimmed hat for any season, all year long.

Leather-Look Hat, $29.90,

Plaid Scarf

A must-have for ANY girl who appreciates fall.

Checked Scarf, $29.90,

Distressed Jeans

You can wear distressed jeans pretty much all year long, and they’re super chic with just about anything.

Annie Bing Distressed Jeans, $130,

Leather Jacket

While you definitely don’t want to get more than one leather jacket if you live in a warmer climate, having one around is always good for cooler nights when your look needs a little edge.

Selected Dannia Leather Jacket, $318.36,

Black Jeans

This is kind of a no-brainer. Everyone has to have jeans, right?

Women’s The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, $32,

Plaid Everything

Plaid was made for fall, right? I think yes. All the more reason to wear as many light-weight varieties of it as you can.

Also: Taylor Swift would totally wear this. Just saying.

Trigonometry Hugger Dress, $59.99,


Turtlenecks can easily be worn in slightly warmer weather if you choose a lightweight material and pair it with something cooler. Mini skirt + turtle neck + booties = a winner every time.

Tissue Turleneck Tee In Heather Stripe, $45,

Leather Pants

Leather pants are always acceptable. Why? Because they’re awesome. What more reason do you need?

Imitation Leather Pants, $34.95,


Or as this store calls it, a “kimonigan.”

Walker Kimonigan, $39.95,

Long-Sleeved T-Shirts

A necessary basic.

Victoria V-Neck Top, $24.95,

More Booties

Because obviously you need more than just one pair.

Magnum Leopard Heeled Shoe, $135,

One Fab Coat

It may not get very cold where you live, but every place has at least one abnormally cold day a year, right? So why not get one super fab coat for the one super cold day? Exactly.

Faux Fur Collarless Coat, $178,