'Let It Go' Has Never Sounded Cooler

There's a lot of Frozen on the Internet, so I understand if you're possibly beginning to feel a little inundated with it all. Frozen'd out, if you will. But, trust me, you'll want to take a break from listening to that "Let It Go" cover about poop on repeat to watch this clip, because it's probably the best thing you're gonna see today. CineFix created an amazing clip of Frozen as if it were video game, complete with, of course, the soundtrack completely in 8-bit. I don't think you've really heard "Let It Go" until you've heard it like this.

The clip will take you through the entire plot of Frozen as if you were playing it yourself on a Game Boy (or possibly a super old Nintendo), though it's shortened quite a bit to fit into a timespan of 3 minutes. While the graphics are cool, it's really the music that's the best part about this whole thing: I've lost count of the amount of times I've heard "Let It Go" in the past year, but it's almost like this 8-bit version reinvigorates my desire to listen to this song loudly enough for my neighbors to hate me.

You can check out the clip below.

Image: Disney