Funny or Die & Julie Klausner Reveal The Truth Behind All Those Cat Videos

It's no secret that cats are the adjunct rulers of the Internet. They hover like figureheads near every YouTube video, quietly conning you into clicking on another video featuring a kitten falling asleep sitting up. But what's the real truth behind those kitten videos? Are they all really made by a wide variety of cat-owners around the world?

According to Funny or Die, the answer is no. In one of their latest videos, the site explores the truth behind the cats: A woman names Shula Von Hollow, according to the video, has been directing cat videos for the past 15 years. Months of pre-production goes into every take. As Von Hollow says, she's "the Stanley Kubrick of cat videos."

The video stars comedian Julie Klausner as Von Hollow, taking us through the ups and downs of life as the Woman Behind the Cats. It's the Behind the Music of cat videos, from tidbits about her production habits, to her cat muse, Javier, and their meteoric rise to the top. You'll feel for them when Piano Cat dethrones them, and maybe even more-so when it results in the repossession of her prized Miata.

You can take in the behind-the-scenes wonders of such hits as The Great Catzby, Meowcolm X, and The Catrix below: