Lululemon Having Online Warehouse Sale, Meaning You Might Actually Be Able To Afford A Few Pairs Of Their Yoga Pants

If you've ever wanted to go to one of Lululemon's epic warehouse sales, but just never had it in you to make the trek or wait in hour-long lines or battle the thousands of Wunder Under-wearing masses for discounted yoga pants, I've got some pretty terrific news for you: Lululemon has launched an online warehouse sale. And while I wouldn't call it cheap, the goods are definitely way more affordable than they usually are.

The sale, which features an array of tops, bottoms, bras, accessories and men's items, will go until October 10, or sooner if the Lululemon fanatics buy it all out first (which is a very likely reality). All of the items are priced under $100, but there's a strict limit of 25 items per person and everything is final sale.

Although this is the first online warehouse sale in the United States, this is not the first of its kind. According to Lululemon-obsessed blogger Lulu Addict, the fitness apparel company hosted an online warehouse sale for its Canadian customers last January. Of course, this did not go over well with American customers, many of whom threw fits that they could not access the Canadian sale. However, Lululemon said that they were merely testing it out for an upcoming United States sale. Half a year later, American Lululemon fans' prayers have been answered.

There are still plenty items to shop, but sizes are going quickly. Here are a handful of items to consider nabbing before it's too late!

To Class Jacket, $69 (orig. $108),

Rollin' with my Omies pant, $54 (orig. $98),

SIGG 1L Waterbottle, $14 (orig. $25),

Lift & Separate IV, $29 (orig. $54),

Cool Racerback, $19 (orig. $42),

Good luck and god speed, everyone.

Images: Dave Rosenblum/Flickr; Lululemon