She Looks Familiar... Right?

OK, I hate to gloat, but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now. Why? Oh, only because I solved a “Who is that person in that ad?" mystery using nothing but my mind grapes. That’s right: I didn’t consult the Internet. For once, I figured it out on my own. [Curtseys.] The first fifteen or so times I saw that “Be everyone you are” Herbal Essences TV spot, I tried and failed to identify the British actress who fires off the “Yeah you do” retort after the “vegan” of the group admits to eating sausage. I was convinced I'd seen her somewhere, but I could not put my finger on it. But then, the answer hit me while I was watching Fox's Tuesday night comedies: MICK MOUSE! The actress in the Herbal Essences commercial is Rebecca Reid, aka Nadia on New Girl, aka CeCe’s model roommate who thought Jess looked like the cartoon monkey from a Russian cracker ad.

I trusted the answer generated by my mind grapes, but that doesn't mean I didn't use the Internet to look up the answer after I pieced things together. Just wanted to be extra sure, ya dig? I scrolled through Reid's Twitter account and Facebook page, and found plenty of confirmation: Mick Mouse is in the Herbal Essences house.

If New Girl devoted an entire episode to Nadia making fun of Schmidt for eating cheese, I'd watch it on repeat.

Images: Herbal Essences/YouTube; amossyworld/tumblr