Rihanna Deserves To Take Her Time With New Album

Back in May, rumblings about a new Rihanna album radiated throughout the Internet and immediately caused everyone's new music detection capabilities to intensify. When rumors that Rihanna was set to drop a surprise album proved false, my ears eventually went from their perked up, dog-like stance back to lying flat against the sides of my head like a normal human being. But Wednesday night, Rihanna teased her new album when she tweeted, "Burning candles inside of the studio, rappin n prayin," which made me wonder, is the wait finally over? While the anticipation of a new musical Rih-lease remains alive and well, I'm fairly certain that I can fend off the spontaneous combustion if the "Diamonds" singer doesn't drop any new music soon, even if that means waiting until next year.

I realize that statement is probably way more difficult to decipher than the most challenging Sudoku puzzle, but here's why I'm not into rushing Rih Rih's new tunes. The first and most obvious reason can be found with a simple glance at her current discography. She's continually worked her ass off since she hit the music scene in 2005 with her debut album Girl of the Sun. Since then, Rihanna's released an album every year except 2008 and 2013. So doesn't she deserve to take her time with this next project?

Naturally, the Navy (the most hardcore, dedicated members of Rihanna's fanbase) are probably losing sleep and hair over the thought of another year without new Rihanna music, but they should think of it this way: All of the albums she's released to date have been great, so imagine the quality of music she's capable of producing if she slows down the process and relaxes on churning out albums like a one-woman assembly line.

After all, Rihanna clearly plays by her own set of rules, which generally works in her favor. I trust that there's some sort of unapologetic rhyme to her reason, even if she makes us wait a little longer than usual.

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