Katy Perry At The 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show: Wouldn't It Be Awesome If She Resurrected These 15 Stage Costumes?

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Katy Perry just scored a serious career touchdown. The singer, who turns 30 this month, is reportedly performing at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show in Arizona, taking the baton most recently passed off by Madonna, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars. Even though Perry had hinted that she was not interested in doing the show because of rumors that the NFL wanted artists to pay-to-play and to engage in some sort of revenue sharing as a result of all the free publicity generated by performing at the big game, it looks like she may have been throwing us off the scent.

A Perry-fronted Halftime Show will be a fun and visual spectacle, that's for damn sure. Here's a rundown of 15 of her most awesome costumes, outfits, and stage attire. Maybe she will resurrect or take inspo from some candy-coated and cartoonish classics for the big show?

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