What's That Song In That Budweiser Ad?

by Kristie Rohwedder

Hey, you know that Budweiser commercial with the dog? “Which Budweiser commercial with the dog?” Ah. That is a fair question for my question, for there is that very adorable Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the Clydesdales. Allow me to be more specific: the Budweiser commercial with the dog waiting for his owner to come home after a night out with human friends. The one with the “don’t drink and drive and potentially leave your dog wondering when you're going to walk through the front door for forever” message. As if the PSA coupled with the Puppy Grows Up montage wasn’t enough of a punch in the gut, there's that song. The Budweiser ad is soundtracked by "When You Come Home" by Dan Rodriguez, a tune that tugs at the already tugged at heartstrings.

Rodriguez, a Minnesota-based singer-songwriter, penned the track for the ad. If you were hoping to get your mitts on a copy of the song, I'm sorry to disappoint: For the time being, the ad is the only place you can hear it. However, Rodriguez did tell a local CBS affiliate that a full-length version of "When You Come Home" does exist and he's working on making it available on the Internet.

Woo, nelly. Get ready to feel all of the feelings:

Image: budweiser/YouTube