If Song Lyrics Were About Cheese Instead

It’s Friday, so of course something ridiculous is currently trending on Twitter: #CheeseSongs. Yes, it is hilarious. And no, you will not get any work done for the rest of the day, because you are about to spend the remainder of your Friday laughing your head off at your desk instead.

The hashtag seems to have originated from Thursday night’s episode of @Midnight , the late night Comedy Central game show hosted by Chris Hardwick that also happens to be the home of #HashtagWars. In a clip currently available on Funny or Die, Hardwick challenged guests Grace Helbig, Henry Zebrowski, and Matt Mira to a very special edition of #HashtagWars: Yesterday was apparently National Moldy Cheese Day, so #CheeseSongs was kind of inevitable. Scroll down to watch the clip (seriously, do it — it’s amazing); for those of you who can’t be bothered to click aaaaaaaaaaaall the way down there, though, know that some of my favorites include “In-A-Gouda-Da-Vida,” “While My Gruyere Gently Weeps,” “Ricotta Get Outta This Place,” and “One Is the Provoloneliest Number.”

The hashtag has kept going strong today; “brie” has emerged as one of the most popular cheeses, probably because it’s so easily substituted for words like “be,” “we,” “free,” and so on. Perhaps most remarkably, though, is the fact that this isn’t the first time #CheeseSongs has taken over Twitter. A few scattered occurrences have popped up at various points pretty much every year since 2009. This looks like the first time it’s achieved such widespread attention, though, so congratulations, Hardwick and co. — you guys win the Internet today.

You can see the wonders of this glorious hashtag unfolding in real time on Twitter; in the meantime, here’s a selection of some of my personal favorites. Cheese on!

...Or something. I’ll show myself out.

And here's the @Midnight clip:

Image: Aliaksandr Kazlou/Fotolia