The Nap Anywhere Pillow Means You Can Now Squeeze in Your Beauty Sleep No Matter Where You Are

Naps. They're extremely crucial. Arianna Huffington knows it, Thomas Edison was a firm believer in them and, of course, I'm also a huge fan. But the sad truth of the matter is squeezing in a quick snooze at your office, on the subway or wherever you are that's a million miles away from your bed is rather impossible. But Virginia-based doctor Ravi Shamaiengar came up with a solution that might just make him your favorite new person. His invention? The Nap Anywhere, an extremely portable pillow that can support your head while you sleep.

At first glance, the brace-looking gadget may not look like the comfiest neck pillow you've ever seen. And that's because it's not technically a neck pillow. Dr. Shamaiengar likes to call this thing a "minimalist head-support device" because it's way more functional than you'd expect.

Shamaiengar describes the Nap Anywhere as "a thin circular form consisting of a strong yet flexible endoskeleton covered with comfortable foam padding and wrapped in high-quality fabric." It's soft all over, but bendy and strong in the middle. The top part folds into a shelf that can mold to your head and neck, providing the right amount of support when you nap. Oh, and it's totally compact — once you're done, just flatten it into it's original disc shape and pack it away in your purse or backpack.

The most important thing to know about this genius napping gadget is that you won't feel achey or sore after you use it. That was one of Shamaiengar's biggest issues with other neck pillows: the cricks that resulted after. So, how does the Nap Anywhere improve in that area? The central neck portion of the device allows your head weight to be distributed across the shoulder, which lets the muscles in your neck relax while still giving your head full support. Translation: you won't just feel recharged after your nap, you'll also feel incredibly limber in the neck area. Commence post-nap Tay Swift head dance!

The Nap Anywhere comes in five different colors: cobalt, cream, black, lime and crimson. You can purchase it from their site for $59.

Images: Nap Anywhere; Giphy