This 'Bachelorette' Star's Pregnant, Now Living a Normal Life

Though we watch them parade around their search for reality-TV-tinted love every year, sometimes the more satisfying story to watch comes after the cameras have stopped rolling. Then, the reality stars can go home, often dump their onscreen paramour, and find love the normal way — or, well, some relatively normal way.

This is pretty much what former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas (now DeAnna Pappas Stagliano) did — she called off her engagement of contestant Jesse Csincsak just a few months after the finale, and then married Stephen Stagliano, the twin brother of a different season's contestant. Now, Stagliano's after-reality reality is marching forward: The star recently announced that she's pregnant with her first child.

"Stephen and I are so thrilled to be welcoming our baby Stag. This has been the most exciting time of our lives. We cannot wait to make memories with this baby, love it unconditionally, and to teach him or her to play soccer! We have looked forward to this moment for a very long time and we are so happy to share this exciting news with everyone!! We are so thrilled to finally have the news out! Baby on the way!!!!"

Stagliano coupled her announcement with an instagrammed photo of her newly formed baby bump:

Cheers to a normal life!