Nicole Kidman Wants To Get Pregnant At 47 & These 7 Celebrities Could Give Her Advice

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It's scientifically proven: More women are having babies later in life now than ever before. If there was ever an empowering fact, it's that one. Unlike many generations that preceded ours, we (for the most part) finally feel free to live our lives however we see fit, and then settle down and become moms if we decide to. As far as Nicole Kidman's concerned, that's what she's banking on. In a new interview with Australian radio's KIIS 106.5, Kidman revealed that she "hopes every month" she's pregnant — even though she feels like it's pretty unlikely that it'll happen, considering she's now 47.

Of course, Kidman of all people is well aware that later in life pregnancies aren't totally out of the realm of possibility — she gave birth to her youngest daughter, Faith Margaret, at 44, and Kidman said herself that her grandmother had her last baby at 49. Crazier things have happened.

And in the tradition of "old" moms in Hollywood, Kidman would be in pretty good company. There are quite a few other celebrities who chose to live life on their own schedule and had babies after 40 — and if you ask me, they're all amazing.

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