Donald Trump Instagrams Ebola Message For Obama, And It's Kind of Terrifying

Listen, everyone. It's not just about vaccinations anymore. Donald Trump has a message about Ebola for President Obama, and he's posted it on Instagram: Stop the flights, NOW. Over the last three days, the real estate tycoon has posted three separate videos, all of him yelling at the President (although it feels like he's yelling at you) for choosing not to ban flights coming from West Africa, and instead deciding to send troops to the region to fight the illness. WHY MUST YOU LET INNOCENT AMERICANS SUFFER, MR. PRESIDENT? WHY??!

On October 8, Donald Trump stares down the camera, saying: "President Obama, it's time for you to stop the flights coming in from West Africa. Why are you putting our country in danger? Stop the flights, now." On October 9, there his angry face is again: "President Obama, why are you sending 4,000 innocent soldiers over to West Africa to fight Ebola? And by the way, stop the flights into the United States, now." On October 10, in almost exactly the same suit, he sends his final, nonsensical message: "Why is the United States footing all of the bills for the fight against Ebola, ISIS, all these things, when China, Russia and all these other countries, are benefiting? WHY ARE WE THE SAD SUCKERS?"

Yah, Obama. Why are we helping to rid the world of disease and terrorism, and not demanding anything in return, eh? EH?!

Of course, this rampage is hardly surprising. It was only a couple of months ago that Trump sent his unforgettably incendiary series of Tweets warning that doctors treating Ebola in West Africa would have to "suffer the consequences." Another gem? "Ebola patient will be brought to the U.S. in a few days — now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent. KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE!" He's just taken it to the next level, now, by adding his stern glare and confusing hair to the situation.

What's really absurd is that Trump isn't the only person advocating that the U.S. close all its borders and keep its troops away from the Ebola-hotspots. Fox News and conservative pundits have been advocating as much since the beginning, not to mention blaming the President for the entire crisis (who could forget Katie Pavlich's "sarcastic" Tweet?). Talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck even demanded the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on air, why a travel ban hadn't been instituted.

His response? “You could paradoxically make things much worse, you can’t get supplies or help in… the best way to protect America is to suppress the epidemic in West Africa.” You know, common sense an' all.