7 Fluffy Sweaters To Keep You Cozy This Fall

Hey there, residual summer warmth. It's been real. We love you for spoiling us by sticking around through mid-fall. But with the arrival of mid-October, it's time to welcome the Fall chill back into our lives.

Along with the changing leaves and the arrival of jack-o-lanterns, this means the beginning of sweater weather. Meaning, it's becoming increasingly difficult to wrest your body from the coziness of your comforter every morning. How can you recreate this feeling of cushy serenity in your workaday life? Well, by wearing a fuzzy sweater of course!

This season, sweaters are fuzzier than ever. Blame it on the Clueless craze or whatever you like, but this trend is all the better to ease the mid-October climate shift with. If you're searching for a cuddly cardigan, pullover, or duster to keep you warm and cozy throughout Fall, look no further.

by Arielle Dachille

Plaid Shag Carpet

This Cher Horowitz-style cropped sweater is a great option, considering you’re cool with people rubbing your sweater throughout the day.

Black Check Fluffy Sweater, $70 at River Island

Image: River Island

Boldly Striped

You’ll be the comfiest soccer referee ever in this little number.

Veronica Striped Sweater $58 at NastyGal

Image: Nasty Gal

Candy-Colored Bliss

There’s something so satisfying about looking like a marshmallow peep.

Textured Slouchy Sweater $98 from J. Crew

Image: J. Crew

Checked Out

It’s like a snuggie you can wear in public.

Plaid Medium Style Long-Sleeved Cardigan $78 from Chic Nova

Image: Chic Nova

One Way Ticket to Tinsel-Town

Come at me, New Years…

Disco Fluff Jumper $75 from Topshop

Image: Topshop

Arctic Chill

If the abominable snowman more clothing, this would be his favorite sweater

Knit Cardigan , $49.95 from H&M

Image: H&M

Fairisle Fluff

Patterns and fuzz: the best of both worlds.

Brushed Fairisle Sweater $96, from Topshop

Image: Topshop