Report: Kim Jong-un's Ex Executed Over Porno

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un allegedly executed his ex-girlfriend by a firing squad on August 20. Hyon Song-wol was a singer with the Unhasu Orchestra, and is rumored to have been shot alongside a group of North-Korean well-known artists, according to South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo.

The group was reportedly executed for violating North Korea's strict laws against pornography. Supposedly, the artists filmed themselves having sex and then sold the videos. An unconfirmed Chinese source claims that "key members of the Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaesan Light Band and Moranbong Band as well as the families of the victims looked on.” Then they were reportedly sent to prison camps because of the regime's assumption of a guilt by association law.

It's believed Kim Jong-un began his relationship with Hyon around 10 years ago. At the time, Kim Jong-il did not approve of the relationship and demanded his son break it off.

Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor and expert on North Korean affairs told The Telegraph that he believes there were political motives behind the execution. “If these people had only made pornographic videos, then it is simply not believable that their punishment was execution…They could have been made to disappear into the prison system there instead…There is a political reason behind this.”

Odd, considering the Unhasu Orchestra is responsible for some of North Korea's patriotic songs such as, "She is a Discharged Soldier," "Footsteps of Soldiers," "I Love Pyongyang," and "We are Troops of the Party."

Another theory floating around is Jong-un's current wife, Ri Sol-ju, was responsible for the execution. She used to be a member of the Unhasu Orchestra before their marriage and didn't like the "high profile of her husband's former girlfriend."

Image: The Telegraph