Another 'OUAT' Character Who Knows Everyone

Is there anyone on OUAT that doesn't know every other character? ABC's fairytale drama is notorious for having all of its characters being connected and/or related in complicated ways. But the series newest addition might be the shadiest and most complicated of all. On Sunday night, Once Upon A Time 's Snow Queen revealed that she knows Emma, and every Frozen-crossover character, and Rumpelstiltskin. And here OUAT fans are, again, trying to figure out why there can't just be a simple answer when Emma asks a character, "Who are you?" and how the hell this woman knows Emma.

Obviously, I have a lot of questions about WTF is going on with the Snow Queen on OUAT. First of all, has no one ever wanted ice cream in Storybrooke until Robin Hood's son begged for it on Sunday night's episode? I highly doubt it — especially because he revealed that Regina would let him have it if she were there. So the Snow Queen has been living in Storybrooke this entire time — at least, that's what the episode's final moments suggested when Rumpelstiltskin revealed that he also knows the Snow Queen and that he knew she was in town. Why did this woman never show herself before, especially if she's known Emma all along?

Fans learned a bulk of the Snow Queen's history with OUAT's Frozen arc on Sunday night, but I was left questioning how much of it was actually true. Here's what OUAT revealed for sure — the Snow Queen was trapped in the urn and kept Elsa from becoming trapped there as well by Prince Hans. And that's about it. Elizabeth Mitchell's character revealed to Elsa that she is, allegedly, the former Queen of Arendelle's sister that the Queen imprisoned when she became afraid of her powers. I have a really hard time believing all of that — especially considering how accepting the King and Queen seemed to be of Elsa.

And, while it's weird to lie about being Elsa's aunt, it's even weirder that the Snow Queen knows Emma. How the heck would she know Emma? Emma was just a baby when she left the Enchanted Forest and she grew up in the human world until she found herself in Storybrooke. There's no possible way that the Snow Queen had access to Emma during that time, right? Well, unlike what the Snow Queen said to cover her obvious recognition of Emma, the Savior's reputation doesn't precede her that much. Apparently, sometime in the unseen past, Emma and the Snow Queen met and Rumpelstiltskin is privy to exactly what went down between them. And he's absolutely trying to blackmail the Snow Queen about it, because for some reason, Emma's memory of the event has been erased.

Here's the thing about the Snow Queen, her motive is a secret that at this point I can't even try to predict. She froze Marian for no reason, she really isn't cool with Emma or Elsa but she knows them both, and she's been hiding in plain sight this entire time without using her magic. What gives? How much of what we know about the Snow Queen can we actually believe, considering how incredibly shady her entire existence apparently is?

Image: ABC