Which Star Wore Bottega Veneta Best?

Okay, you've got ultra-cool Los Angeles-based Hammer Museum as your setting, Mark Bradford and Joni Mitchell as your honorees, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as two of your co-chairs, Sia performing "Chandelier" live in way of entertainment — throw all those elements together, and you're pretty much destined to have one of the most sophisticatedly star-studded events of the year.

Then, add that all to the fact that high-end designer Bottega Veneta sponsored the event (and dressed a good portion of the celeb attendees), and the fact that — as Piper Perabo intoned to The Hollywood Reporter — "Museum parties you can wear something really wild," and you also had some of the adventurously dressed guests this side of the Met Gala.

Yep, some of Hollywood's most interestingly dressed celebs were in attendance (and no, I don't mean that euphemistically): There was Emmy Rossum looking as regal as ever, Zoe Saldana continuing her fab maternity streak, January Jones switching it up in a hot pink structured number. Plus, pretty much everyone was wearing the brand of the evening, Bottega Veneta. So, with all that in mind, why not rank them from worst to best dressed?

Julia Roberts

This would have been so cute without the sweater.

Demi Moore

Nice enough (I love the metallic silver), but that mermaid hair is a shade too far.

Zoe Saldana

Pretty in purple!

Dianna Agron

I was prepared to dislike this one, but the edginess of the near-platinum wavy bob ended up winning me over.

Rashida Jones

I'm all for a LBD with a twist!

Evan Rachel Wood

Menswear-inspired suiting and leather leggings? Win-win!

Elizabeth Banks

Workin' those Effie Trinket-approved shoes.

Jordana Brewster

Kicky, ever-so-slightly edgy, and adorably mod.

Kiernan Shipka

HOW IS SHE SO POISED? That cut is gorgeous on her, but I sure wish it was in more interesting colors.

January Jones

Really, really, really fun. Also: one of the increasingly rare occurrences when anyone in the Mad Men cast is better dressed than La Kiernan Shipka (though it's definitely a close call — I'm sure some of you disagree with this ranking).

Emmy Rossum

First things first: her eyeliner is on point. Also, pretty much everything about this dress (the texture, silhouette, colors) is pitch perfect.

Images: Twitter, dream_passions, hedonismbysisi/Instagram