This One-Minute Video Is The Scariest Thing Ever

And so it was written: the best scary stories are the short ones. As we near Halloween, the season of exploring our fears, it always turns out that the most powerful ones tend to be the simplest. With that in mind, please jump below and spend a single, terrifying minute of your life, and then come read the rest....*pause*...Done? Okay, let's discuss why this video is mad spooky: Kids are terrifying enough in normal life, but when they're potentially evil ghosts or demons or whatever? That is infinitely more terrifying. Admittedly, the main kid's acting leaves a little to be desired (yeah, I said – welcome to the brutality of this industry, tiny bro.) but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't holding my breath for the final seconds of the film. Why aren't there a million more minute-long shorts like this?

Halloween is always here, and you can only spend so much time lazing about the house in your costume squealing with anticipation until it's no longer considered socially acceptable. Spending the days leading up to the main event watching creepy content like this? That is pretty much all I want to do.

I love scary movies. I love every single thing about them. This is not logical, nor does it seems true to my personality, as I am a very genuinely, a giant coward. That said, even if it means breaking out my phone so I can check my heart-rate during the more frightening sequences (this is a real thing that has happened, you guys) I have zero plans to quit watching the shit that scares me any time soon.

Image: Vimeo (1)