The Craziest Wedding Dresses From Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week, Because Traditional Gowns Are So Last Century

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The past several years have seen significant upheaval in the traditions of planning and outfitting a wedding. First came the blush gowns, worn by such taste-makers as Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, and Kaley Cuoco. Then Olivia Palermo attended her nuptials in a translucent tulle skirt with designer Carolina Herrera shorts underneath. And now, the looks that crowded the Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week runways are anything but ordinary. From glowing skirts and crop tops to chunky knits, the Fall 2015 collections are for the nonconformist bride who would rather ride off on a motorcycle than daintily climb into the back of a vintage Rolls Royce with a "Just Married" sign affixed to the back. If you love the bizarre, idiosyncratic, and unconventional, read on for the 11 craziest looks off the Fall 2015 Bridal runway.

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