Fergie and Josh Named Their Baby What?

According to People magazine's "Celebrities' Babies" section that I didn't know existed, Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel welcomed a baby boy in L.A. today. I'm going to be honest — this whole time, I actually thought that Fergie gave birth ages ago because it just seems like she's been pregnant since 2010, but I'm also the same person who didn't know People had a whole blog for celebrity babies so ... maybe I'm not the best example.

Anyway, the two are reportedly new parents to a healthy 7 lb., 10 oz. baby boy named Axl Jack Duhamel. The news has been confirmed by their reps to People, following TMZ reports that Fergie was undergoing a C-section at an L.A. hospital.

As for the interesting (Guns N' Roses-inspired? Maybe?) name, Duhamel and Fergie had it picked out a while ago, but hesitated telling the press before their son's birth because it's unique.

"Some people may not like it, some people may think it’s really cool, but we don’t really care — that’s why we’re not telling anybody," Duhamel explained last month during an event.

This is the first child for both Fergie and Duhamel, who married in January 2009, after dating for five years.

And, just because, here's this: