You Can Twerk With This Part Of Your Body, Too

It's easy to reach a point where you feel like you've seen everything on the Internet, but sure enough, as soon as you think you've reached the End of Things Worth Seeing, the Internet will suddenly be like, "Wait, not so fast!" That's how I felt when I saw the amazing Sara X boob twerk to Mozart. Boob twerk to MOZART. Please revel in those words for a moment. And it's mesmerizing. Watching her boob twerk is kind of like watching a lava lamp.

Really, anyone can boob twerk, woman or man. It's all about controlling your pectoral muscles. But who is this Sara X, and why is she so good at boob twerking? Her Facebook page describes her as: "Model. Goofball. Avid reader. Tattoos. 5'9". Las Vegas. Socially awkward social networking professional." And yes, as she addressed on her FB page, the boobs are fake, but the twerking is real. No special effects were used. "[My] secret is that I AM FLEXING MY PECTORAL MUSCLES AND IT'S MOVING MY IMPLANTS" she explains. Right, obviously.

So why not take this moment to celebrate boobs? They're great. They're like magical baby restaurants that can also dance to Mozart. That's a lot of skill. So I salute you, Sara X, for showing us a cool thing to do with our boobs, and for showing me something new just when I thought I'd seen it all.

Image: Sara X Mills/YouTube