13 Whiskey Cocktail Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter (Because It's Right Around The Corner)

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Certain seasons bring out certain kinds of booze. And while the passing of summer meant saying goodbye to a season full of rosé and sangria, fall and winter bring with it a whole new host of beverages to enjoy that are equally as exciting and delicious — like whiskey cocktails.

So because we know staying warm is just as important as getting your drink fix (and sometimes, they're one in the same), we've compiled a list of cocktails made from one of the most deliciously warming liquors out there. Whether you're a fan of boozy Vietnamese Irish coffee, like to go the classic route with a Manhattan, or want something more adventurous to sip on like a chamomile honey-infused whiskey cocktail, look no further for your new signature winter sip. Cheers!

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