Your New Go-To Resource For Acne Struggles

There are plenty of support sites and resources populating the w-w-w, offering aid, info, and a sense of community for whatever ailment or condition you may deal with. You can point and click, wade through the ether, and find the info you want. If you are suffering from acne and acne scarring, an issue that seems small unless you deal with it, A Scar Free Me is a brand new site that serves as an online resource that you will want to bookmark and immerse yourself in. It's an awesome community for anyone who knows that the struggle of adult acne is super real.

Since our faces our the first thing that others see, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that we focus on how our they look. I admit that, despite my desire to do the whole "you're beautiful no matter what" thing, I want my face to be a flawless, smooth, and blemish-free canvas, so I am fine with using tone-correcting (and dewy look-generating) BB or CC creams, a light concealer on any imperfections. I get super annoyed when I have a spot or a mark, albeit temporary, and take the necessary steps to make it disappear. I could do a flawless smoky eye and still all would I see in the mirror is that angry-looking, pre-period zit.

People who have acne, be it severe or mild cases, deal with a double-edged sword: the emotional anguish that comes along with dealing with the scars, which are the additional physical reminders of the condition. It's not as easy as dabbing the blemishes with coverup and moving right along.

Also, acne scars are common and they are prevalent, since, according to A Scar Free Me, 20 million people deal with acne scarring. Clearly, this is a problem that doesn't get much publicity, since those who deal with it are self-conscious about things, understandably so. That's what makes this site such a dream come true.

A Scar Free Me has different levels of engagement and interaction. It puts the user in touch with both dermatologists, who can offer advice on taking care of acne-scarred skin along with discussing other types of treatments, as well as self-esteem experts, since the condition also has a variety of psychological effects.

Other acne sufferers are able to share their individual stories, providing inspiration and a sense of "I'm not alone" for users.

So, if you are afflicted with acne, you can totally do a happy dance knowing that you are not alone and can use this site as a resource.

Yes, there is a lot of information and detail to sift through, but it feels like a guide and an all-encompassing, one-stop shop for anyone is dealing with acne scars, from adolescents to adults. And I think that's pretty sweet.

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