Top 10 Answers From Olivia Wilde's Reddit AMA

by Alanna Bennett

It probably goes without saying, but things aren't like they were in the olden days. There are ketchup-flavored potato chips, we've got WiFi, and we use horses as transportation way less often. For the movie-making people of the world, this modern age we live in also means movie stars don't just put on fancy dresses and sit down for a few magazine interviews anymore; they have to be everywhere.

And so enter Reddit AMAs, the Information Age's hive-mind celebrity hangout. (AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, by the way.) Olivia Wilde is the most recent celebrity to take to the Reddit feature, doing an AMA today with Drinking Buddies director Joe Swanberg.

Wilde seems overall like a pretty classy, cool lady, so it should be no surprise that she handled the Q&A — which tackled topics ranging from her take on beards, to her charitable work in Haiti, to how she feels about representation in television — like a pro. Check out some our favorite answers (and the questions they're responding to) below. You can find the whole AMA here.

Reddit User MultiTasker33: "If you could go back in time and witness ANY historical event, what would you pick?"

Wilde: "The burning of Joan of Arc. I'd grab her and run and tell her that in the future Miley Cyrus is our saint and Joan must learn the art of twerking."

Reddit User Booker009: "After all the movies, TV, magazine articles and near constant attention was there a moment you can recall thinking, 'crap what have I done, my life will never be simple again?'"

Wilde: "Every day. Usually when someone is trying to take a pic of me scooping dog poop. Weird world!"

Reddit User amytong: "Hi Olivia, I am a high school senior, and I've been a massive fan of yours for years. When the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, my little 13 year old self raised money for APJ by making bracelets, and I was beyond excited to receive a video from you. Do you have any advice for the next generation of young women and what we can do to empower ourselves and women all over the world?"

Wilde: "Hello! I love the book Half the Sky when it comes to discussing women's roles in alleviating poverty. If that was required reading for both sexes we would be in better shape. My advice is get involved with small, locally run orgs and embrace micro finance and education projects."

Reddit User molee987: "Would you be willing to have a battle to the death with Emma Watson for the title of most obsessed over girl on Reddit?"

Wilde: "I would never kill Emma but maybe we should join forces and take over the universe."

Reddit User Henah8: "What was your favorite/most impactful part of your experience with Half the Sky?"

Wilde: "Dancing to the "vagina song" in the Umoja village of all women in Kenya."

Reddit UserMrCwark: "Beard or no beard?"

Wilde: "I feel like I look better with a 5 o'clock shadow. Sort of gives me that rugged, Clive Owen look."

Reddit User MisterWilde: "What are your thoughts on doing a sequel to Tron Legacy?"

Wilde: "I loved making Tron and would do it again though I'd probably have to play the mom now and the suit would have to made of sweatpants."

Reddit User LaFemmeChiquita: "Olivia! First, as a bisexual female I have to say that your role in The O.C. was a huge eye opener for me and helped me come to terms with that part of my life. So thank you! Second, you and Jason Sudeikis' relationship is one that I admire and I strive to have a similar dynamic with my boyfriend. Now that being said, how does it feel to be a woman who has portrayed an LGBT character and helped others come to terms with their sexuality?"

Wilde: "Nothing gives me more pride than hearing gay and bisexual men and women tell me they were helped in some way by my roles on television. That's a true honor. It is the responsibility of media to accurately reflect society."

Reddit User HughsLorry: "Where do you stand on the House/Wilson ship?"

Wilde: "They belong together and will make beautiful babies."

Reddit User mantasis: "What superhero/villain would you want to play if you were in a comic book movie? A puppy dies for every minute this question goes unanswered."

Wilde: "Wwwwwwwwonder Woman of course."

After all this, who wouldn't want Olivia Wilde to play Wonder Woman?