'Les Misérables' Might Get a Present-Day Lawyer-Centric TV Adaptation & It's About Effing Time

Get ready for television to get so much better: According to Deadline, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is turning Les Misérables into a modern-day sexy drama about rich lawyers. If it's going to be like I think it is — like Gossip Girl meets Law & Order, of course — then this is going to be amazing, and it needs to be on my television screen now.

Here's Deadline's description:

...the contemporary take on Les Misérables is a primetime soap about a brilliant lawyer running a legal exoneration program who fights to evade the consequences of his own unjust conviction many years before. He must navigate high society, continue his mission of saving innocent people, and manage his tumultuous family and romantic life — all while staying one step ahead of a ruthless U.S. Attorney who refuses to let the ghosts of the past die.

Thomas — who is not the same person as the guy who fronts Matchbox 20, for the record — teamed up with actor-writer Graham Norris for the project, and it's set to be developed over at Fox.

Thomas will forever be a genius in my eyes for his role in creating Veronica Mars, so I have faith that this project is going to be one to watch — plus, let's be real, it sounds awesome either way. Good work, TV!

[Image via Universal Pictures]