A Barbie Costume, Some Zombie Makeup, And All The Other Getups You Need To Win Halloween

Just when you and your best friend had finally decided that you'll be Kimye for Halloween, Make Up For Ever is here to suggest otherwise. Things got downright scary on Tuesday as makeup artists at the cosmetic retailer's New York City location, primped, primed and painted glamorous models into faded femme fatales, gory medieval princesses and glistening eternal goddesses. BEWARE: Not even the most clever attempts at a Frozen costume compare to these looks.

Guests looked on in amazement while others cringed as they sat through a tutorial on how to get glammed and ghouled for whatever their upcoming night of trick-or-treating might bring. And the biggest takeaway from the event was that a little bit of originality can take you from scary to spine-chilling — as long as you have at least 45 minutes to spare. Here are some tips on how to perfect your best creepy, crawly, blood-shedding transformations, sure to win you all the sweets, scares, and screams this Halloween.


Glam it up the only way a true ghoul would in a fitted little black dress, statement necklace, and a feathered headpiece. The key to this look, says Lijha Stewart, director of education and artistry for Make Up For Ever, is to keep everything matted. After lining the lips and applying lipstick, top it off with a finishing powder. Fade out your skin for an Addam's-Family feel with a clown white cream makeup mixed with a dab of black Flash Color (a novelty item sold by Make Up For Ever), and apply the mixture with a sponge to the face or the whole body. Stray away from flashy, shiny jewelry and opt for matte-painted pieces, instead.


Glitter is key for this costume, guaranteeing that your friends will be the ones standing in the headlights when you head out for a night of Halloween festivities. Go DIY crazy by adding some leaves and twigs to one of this summer's hottest wardrobe staples, the floral crown. If there happens to be a cold front on Oct. 31 (or you're just not ready to join the pasties movement), opt for a flesh-toned bodysuit from American Apparel, instead of full-on body paint. Use Make Up For Ever's Flash Color kit to dab a few small dots on your cheeks and top it off with a bit of glitter. Add a muzzle with black body paint, and Bambi won't have anything on you!


Why buy a skeleton t-shirt for the creepiest day of the year when you can become the chicest corpse around? Don a tuxedo with this extensive makeover and you'll demand a double-take from everyone you cross paths with — they won't know whether to swoon or scream. Use eyeliner to sketch around eyes, nose and forehead, and use black body paint to fill in. For those jagged teeth, sketch around the lips and jaw and fill in with white Flash Color from the Make Up For Ever kit (for dimension, mix in a little grey from the kit).


To think that all that's missing from The Walking Dead is a strapless, velvet red dress, and a smoky eye. Become a zombie-like medieval princess (whatever that means) with a hot red dress, jeweled headpiece and smoky eyes. Get bloody chic by applying rolled plasto wax (sold by Make Up For Ever) to skin with a hypoallergenic skin adhesive. Paint in your cuts and bruises with your preferred shade of blood, and let it drip.


The Plastics weren't just made for Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith; even Cady Heron knew that. Get Barbie-fied with this glammed-up look in a sequined skirt and top or dress, teased hair and staggering heels. Draw contouring lines at your joints and muscles, and achieve exaggerated, highlighted eyes by applying eye liner in the crease, creating a winged shape. Add some eyelash extensions and pump up the mascara. Don't forget a show-stopping manicure to top it all off!


If you're looking to avoid all conversations and eye contact this Halloween, opt for being a walking corpse. Take a pair of scissors to that old plaid shirt that you only wear around your waist anyhow and slash a few (or hundred?) holes in it. Take your smokey eye up a notch by applying liquid eye shadow across the upper lid and lower lash lines and smudge to blend. Top it off with some mascara and use the same plasto wax as the Medieval Princess look to create as many lesions as your heart desires.

Images: Rikki Byrd (6)