This Time-Lapse Video Of Boston Perfectly Shows What Makes It The Most Beautiful City – VIDEO

When I went to college in Boston, there were very few parts of my experience that I would describe as "beautiful" or "picturesque". Even fewer could be called anything close to "graceful". But that had everything to do with my wildly questionable choices in men, clothing, sugary booze drinks, and inferior weed. Boston itself was, without a doubt, an unbelievably beguiling, alluring, and altogether magical place. These qualities – and a thousand light-catching, entrancing complexities of the cityscape – have been captured by photographer Julian Tryba in this breathtaking time-lapse video of Boston.

While the peaceful, refined elegance of the city's movements conveyed in this video feel laughably removed from the awkward, gritty, angsty collegiate experiences weathered by myself and so many other Boston-bound undergrads, that's also kind of the most perfect thing about this video: The beauty of the footage doesn't exist because it's removed from the reality of life in the city – it shows that, from far enough way and given enough time, the millions of tiny, often inelegant movements of Boston's inhabitants meld together into a rhythmic hum that is more serene, comforting, and energizing than any other city. It's always been hard to explain to people exactly what made Boston such a tremendously romantic place to live during the impressionable, wide-eyed years after high school. This video comes pretty close to summing it up.

Image: Julian Tryba/Vimeo