Beyoncé Films Music Video on Coney Island & Accidentally Scares the Shit Out of One Woman

On Thursday, Beyoncé went to Brooklyn's Coney Island to film a music video for an untitled single. In a white tank, a Biggie Smalls baseball hat, gold chains and ripped jeans, the superstar spent a couple of hours at the iconic Luna Park and rode the Cyclone, the Wonder Wheel, and danced in the streets. She even twerked, according to some reports.

The music video was directed by gross fashion photographer Terry Richardson, so if history's taught us anything, we can expect some very white lighting and a nipple or two to make an appearance in the vid. Other than the location of the shoot and the fact that Terry's on board, little else is known about this mystery music video Beyoncé is working on. But, of course, we can't wait to see it.

Queen B.'s takeover of Coney Island wasn't without controversy, though. According to one amusement park goer who spoke to the New York Post, Beyoncé kind of ruined her life. Dorris Hone, 47, alleges that she was stuck at the top of the Wonder Wheel for half an hour while Beyoncé's team paused the ride in order to get their shot. Hone told the paper that she's deathly afraid of heights and was screaming at the top of her lungs for someone to get her off the ride — when she found out after the fact that the delay was caused by Beyoncé, she still wasn't amused.

Hone's looking for an apology, but we're looking forward to watching this music video down the road and listening for her blood-curdling screams in the background. It'll be like looking for the ghost in Three Men and a Baby, only, you know, different.