Michelle Obama Dances With A Turnip To "Turn Down For What," Adds Pun Genius To Already Stellar Resume – VIDEO

Responding to the question, "On average, how many calories do you burn every time you 'turn up'?" from Vine user Alphacat (who obviously asked the question while impersonating Barak Obama), Michelle Obama proved to us, yet again, that she's the First Lady because she is the First Lady — it actually has nothing to do with her husband being POTUS, as the title might imply. To answer Alphacat, Michelle (can I call you Michi? Too soon for us?) posted a video on the White House's Vine account of herself dancing to Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" with a turnip, after announcing, "Turnip, for what?" In the annals of history, Michelle Obama will forever be remembered as an independent career woman, tireless humanitarian, and the Pun Queen.

Is it weird that I've just had this video open in another window, playing on loop for the past 20 minutes? Or is that just what you do when Michelle Obama is being awesome? Although it's not like we're strangers to Michelle Obama dancing: Her Let's Move campaign with Beyoncé has produced some great moments, and it's no secret that the FLOTUS is a big fan of the dougie. We can only hope that beyond Obama's term, Michelle throws us a bone every once in a while, and by bone we mean a pun coupled with a dance.

Image: White House/Vine