Marc by Marc Jacobs' Smart Bracelet Is So Much Trendier Than the Apple Watch, But Unfortunately You Can't Buy It

Wearable tech seems cool in theory, but the designs are often super clunky and, frankly, not very stylish. Want proof that perhaps we should leave the wearable tech to the fashion experts? Katie Hillier of Marc by Marc Jacobs created a smart bracelet for's Fashion x Tech Week that's so sleek it easily leaves the Apple Watch in the dust. Too bad the bracelet won't be available for purchase any time soon (or possibly ever). approached Hillier with the task of creating a design for "the smart fashion of her dreams," uninhibited by the real-life limitations that wearable tech must contend with. The resulting triangular bracelet is geometric and edgy, rendered in soft baby pink that contrasts brilliantly with the clean lines. So, where does the tech come in? Allow's Kristin Tice Studeman to explain:

Hillier imagined something perfectly fitting for her edgy yet sophisticated girl who appeared on the Spring 2015 runway. Introducing the MBMJ smartwatch phone. The pink triangle bangle might look minimal, but it’s complete with a heart-rate monitor, a fingerprint sensor, and motion control so it can be used as a remote control device. Plus, it has matching earrings with speaker buds so you can “listen to music on the go, no cable needed” and make calls.

How freaking cool is that?! I'm so bitter right now that we are stuck with Google Glass and the Apple Watch when geniuses like Hillier are clearly better suited to designing tech that we actually want to wear. Whether a bracelet that flawless-yet-intelligent is actually feasible is a whole other matter. We can leave the technology part to the Apple Geniuses or whoever figures that stuff out. I just want to get my hands on that bracelet.