Your 2014 Polar Vortex Guide, Helpfully Explained In 'Frozen' GIFs

Guess what, Frozen fans? This winter, you'll get to live like Elsa and Anna (without the musical numbers), because the polar vortex is on its way back and it's ready to ruin basically everything. According to AccuWeather, much of the U.S. is in for an encore of last winter, which was characterized by brutal cold and relentless snow. They predict the Arctic will spew its fury upon us pretty frequently, but it will peak some time around January and February.

AccuWeather wrote on its blog:

Great. Just great.

We may not be totally doomed to an icy fate, however. According to the Washington Post, meteorologists are anticipating this winter, while still being incredibly cold and snowy, will not be nearly as relentless as last winter. That is: there'll be some breaks between storms. Additionally, they expect it not to last as long as last year's. So at least there's that, right?

Besides, a ton of snow means a ton of wholesome snow themed activities:

Making snow angels

Building a snow man

Building a snow fort

Shoveling snow

Walking through snow

Ice skating near snow

Driving through snow

Crawling through snow

Eating snow

Dodging falling icicles when it snows

Perishing of frost bite in the snow

The snow possibilities are endless.

Images: Tumblr