9 Celeb Cat Lovers You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Meow

Never fear, cat lovers, celebrities can be just as obsessed with their feline friends as you are. They understand that sometimes, just one cat isn't enough. They have experienced the joy of bringing home a tiny kitten to raise and the anguish of leaving the babies at home while on vacation. Sometimes they even share their tiny furry babies with the world on Instagram. While the Insta snap of my three cats gets two likes (thanks, family), a celebrities' cat gets the Instagram royal treatment. Everyone double taps when they see a celeb's cute cat on Instagram. It's just a fact we've come to accept and expect on our feeds. Click through to see which celebs you should be following so you can have a purrrrfect Instagram experience.

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the queen of Instagram cat pictures. She has two adorable kitties named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Both cats have great cat/human names that are also television characters, so really Swift understands everything cat fans are about. If she didn’t sway you with her adorable cat pics interspersed with her adorable self on her Instagram, she swayed you by naming her cat after the best Law & Order character there ever was. Well played, Cat Lady Swift.

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld loves his cat so much that Choupette got her own makeup line. I wish I was kidding you, but I’m not. She also has her own Instagram. My cat has a Facebook and no one cares. To be fair, my cat has zero marketing skills, and I’m pretty sure Miss Lagerfeld was trained in the fashion arts before she was even a twinkle in her mother’s perfectly pointed cat-eye.

Image: Karl Lagerfeld/Instagram


Please raise your paw if you’re only still following Macklemore’s Instagram for the cute cat pics! His cat Cairo is another kitty with her own Instagram page. She updates much less frequently than her rapping papa, but when she does, it’s all cat all the time.

Image: Macklemore/Instagram

Lea Michele

Come to Lea Michele’s Instagram for the beautiful pictures of her getting ready for various awards shows, stay for the pictures of gorgeous Sheila the cat. Sheila likes reading, but only when her mom is away for the day. Sheila likes surprising mom with her knowledge when she gets home. Sheila is a good cat.

Image: Lea Michele/Instagram

Debby Ryan

This Disney Channel star knows the magic of a good cat Instagram pic. Meet Debby Ryan’s babies. We all know two cats are better than one, and Ryan knows how to share the love.

Image: Debby Ryan/Instagram


You’ll never be found waiting for cat pics when you’re on Kesha’s Instagram. She’s had Mr. Peep$ and Mr. Fluffy Pants for a while, but it looks like Charlie is ready to join the party. In July, she told E! Online that she was starting a cat cult, and if that’s true, I’d like to know where to sign up.

Image: Kesha/Instagram

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais’ Instagram is basically him making unpleasant faces and his cat doing things. It’s a cat lovers dream, if you skip over the scary faces part. Ollie is straight chilling here, probably because she knows that her dad’s entire Instagram is devoted to her cute face.

Image: Ricky Gervais/Instagram

Dita Von Teese

Of course Dita Von Teese has a chic little cat named Aleister, nicknamed The Bat. Of course she does! And The Bat has his own Instagram page all to himself if you want to skip the Dita pics and get right to the pussycat.

Image: Dita Von Teese/Instagram

Ian Somerhalder

This Vampire Diaries star is a huge animal lover and has a soft spot for cats. While his Instagram isn’t allllll about the kitties, you can tell he supports many causes that promote the welfare of animals. He and girlfriend Nikki Reed also just got a horse, so here’s hoping we’ll soon see a picture of a cat riding a horse! Plus, his face ain’t so bad to look at either.

Image: Ian Somerhalder/Instagram