You'll Hardly Recognize Emma In This 'Cabaret' Pic

We're not too far now from Emma Stone's Broadway debut in Cabaret, and, thankfully, it seems that some promotional materials from the show are already beginning to be released. Thanks to EW, we now have our first look at Emma Stone in her role as Sally Bowles in Cabaret — full costume, fierce red lips, enviable hair and all.

Stone — who's taking over the role when Michelle Williams steps down on Nov. 9 — has spoken a bit about the role recently while doing press for her upcoming Michael Keaton-starring film Birdman: In a recent interview with MTV , she even said that she's having to "mentally prepare" for her close friend Taylor Swift to see her singing on stage, because, in her words, "it’s the most nerve-racking thing ever."

Singing live on stage in front of a ton of people? Understandably nerve-wracking. But, from the looks of how well Stone is getting into character — not to mention her history performing live — she's gonna be just fine.

See the photo below. Stone won't be stepping into the role as Sally until Nov. 11, so plan your NYC trips accordingly.