10 Snacks To Power You Through Midterm Week And Help You Study

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October is a season defined by many things: pumpkins, Halloween, changing leaves, and if you're a college student, midterms. Exam season can be incredibly trying, and sometimes the dining hall just doesn't cut it. You may think you’re equipped to power through the week with nothing but a fresh cup of coffee and the perfect studying playlist, but I say proper sustenance is key. The next time you start to feel the pangs of hunger brewing in your stomach, don't ignore them. Instead, try making a satisfying snack. You'll give yourself an extra boost of brain power and some renewed hope so that things don't get too fatalistic.

These 10 snacks can easily be made in your dorm kitchen, and will keep you focused and feeling on top of your game. Get cooking, and then get studying. You're sure to ace those exams.

Image: Damn Delicious

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