Watch This Driver Awesomely Refuse To Let Cop Trick Him Into Admitting He Has Weed – VIDEO

The truly surprising thing about this video of a cop in Iowa trying to bait a frisbee golf player into admitting he has weed in his car is not that a law enforcement officer is attempting trying to turn a routine traffic stop into something more, nor that he is trying to talk circles around this driver in hopes of getting him to incriminate himself. The truly surprising thing about this video of a police officer being typically obnoxious is that this frisbee golf-playing bro kept his composure, knew his rights, and exercised this without being even a little annoying or confrontational. I was fully on his side when he accused that cop of profiling for the assumption that all frisbee golf players smoke The Pot, but I guess I'm guilty of profiling too – all of my assumptions about frisbee golf players just disappeared in a puff of alleged weed smoke. (Okay, really my only assumption about them was that I would never find anything remotely date-able about them, but I mean, I would definitely let this guy buy me a slice of pizza while we engaged in my favorite foreplay: discussing the systemic corruption of the American criminal justice system.)

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Image: Getty Images