Converse Is Suing Walmart, H&M, And Several Other Retailers For Copying Their Shoes, Because Screw That Whole 'Imitation Is Flattery' Thing

Converse is kicking 31 retailers to the curb for copying their kicks! The nearly 100-year-old iconic sneaker brand is known for its beloved, instantly recognizable Chuck Taylor shoes. Now, the company is suing Walmart, H&M, Kmart, Skechers, Aldo Group, Ralph Lauren, and several other retailers and manufacturers for trying to get in on their massive success. The Nike-owned Converse claims these retailers are selling copycat shoes and is therefore seeking compensation for trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Converse is clearly fed up with other stores selling too-similar shoes. It filed the suit after claiming it sent 180 letters in recent years, requesting that the stores stop hawking ripoffs. The stores involved have, at this point, refused to comment.

Even though Converse has sold a billion pairs of the shoes and revenue is up this year, the company says that the copycat footwear causes irreparable damage to the brand and confuses customers, who may think they are getting the "real" thing.

Not only does Converse want to be paid compensation, it also wants the stores to stop selling their versions of the shoes and to destroy the remaining inventory along with advertising.

Chucks, as they are affectionately known, are classic and ever-popular. They are one of a very small set of fashion items that will never, ever go out of style. There are tons of reasons why they are enduring and it's easy to understand why other brands want to ape them.

I myself own at least six pairs, from the signature high tops, the goes-with-everything low-tops, and a few customized pairs with things like skull print inner lining and tongues, black lace holes, and my dogs's named tagged on the back heel. The custom Cons are super fun and insanely easy to make online, plus they allow you to have your own individual and unique pair that doesn't veer too much from the original classic that everyone's wearing. However, that notion does not apply to other non-Cons brands. There can only be one Chuck Taylor.

They come in every color imaginable and go with everything, from skinny jeans to leggings to bell bottoms to skater dresses and skirts.

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If Julia Roberts can wear her beat up Cons with an LBD...

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... and K. Stew can rock 'em on a red carpet...

Then I think you can wear them just about anywhere, too.

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