Alcohol, Sports Fans, Sugar Spikes and Other Surprising and Obvious Studies This Week

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In a huge shock to everybody who's never thought to turn on the radio, researchers at Boston University have discovered that musicians like to sing about their adventures with alcohol, and tend to name-drop the biggest, baddest brands.

Jack Daniel's? K$sha's on it. Patrón? Every LMFAO song, ever. According to the study, if you're an "urban" singer (gee, what's that code for?) you're more likely to rap/sing/twerk about tequila, vodka, and champagne. If you're a little bit country, you'll be singing about beer and whiskey.

Responded the Vice President of the Distilled Spirits Council: "This so-called ‘study’ is a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars... If [they have] a bone to pick, it is with artists who are protected by the First Amendment, and he should say so."

At which point, we hope, he went and brushed his teeth with a bottle of Jack.

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