This 'Downton Abbey'-Themed Makeup Tutorial By Lisa Eldridge Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Thing, And It's Not Only For Halloween

Of the numerous components that comprise a successful and engrossing TV show — brilliant actors, a gripping plot, stunning scenery — beauty and fashion doesn't always rank highly on the list, but it truly should. Case in point: what would the hit series Downton Abbey be without Lady Mary's arresting but buttoned-up wardrobe, or Lady Edith's cosmetic attempts to outshine her sister? Knowing full well how integral beauty is to the show, renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge created a Downton Abbey makeup tutorial video starring Lady Edith herself, Laura Carmichael.

Pairing Eldridge's innate cosmetic application talents with the delicate, english rose aspect of Downton Abbey's characters. And who better than Carmichael, whose edgy, modern real life sartorial inclinations are a complete contrast to those of her character, to serve as a model for the look? After years of playing a character so often driven out of the limelight, it must be refreshing for Carmichael to take center stage. The end product is a luminous complexion, rosy cheeks, and a healthy demeanor; in other words, an incredibly fresh, feminine version of the illusive no-makeup look which is trending this season. Blessedly, the video clocks in at just over 13 minutes, making this an absolutely doable everyday look for even the most time-crunched professionals. So pull up your favorite episode of Downton Abbey and try out this handy makeup tutorial; it may just become your new everyday look.

Lisa Eldridge on YouTube

Image: Downton Abbey/PBS