Macy's Opens At 6 On Thanksgiving, Which Means You'll Have To Pick Between Shopping And Eating (Noooo!)

It just might be the biggest dilemma in the age of first world problems — shopping or eating? I love shopping. And even more so, I love shopping on sale. But throw food into the mix, and that's a true conundrum. But now you do have to make a choice, because Macy's is opening at 6 PM on Thanksgiving, two hours earlier than last year's 8 PM Black Friday opening. The earlier time is advantageous in the sense that it keeps customers from having to shop late into the night (or even into early morning), but an earlier opening comes at a price — it's smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. To eat, or not to eat? Oh, boy.

In all fairness, most people eat their Thanksgiving meal in the late afternoon and are probably wrapped up by 6. But it is a holiday, a day to spend with your family/friends/loved ones, and a time to just relax. So elbowing my way through a sea of anxious shoppers, enduring some battle scars, and emerging victorious at midnight with a 30 percent off perfume/shower gel set that would probably end up being regifted anyway is not entirely appealing on my day off. So here's a few things I'd much rather do on Thanksgiving night.

1. Exercise

After eating a giant meal, getting in a workout may not be a bad idea. But who am I kidding, that's never going to happen. A holiday is a day of rest!

2. Eat Another Slice of Pie

And probably sneak a third after everyone else goes to bed.

3. Watch a Holiday Movie

It's the only time of year I watch The Holiday so I have to start ASAP if I want to see it at least five times before Christmas.

4. Drive Around And Look at Christmas Lights

Because as soon as you put the fork down, Thanksgiving is OVER and it's CHRISTMAS.

5. Spend Time With My Family*

*Does not include doing the dishes or any type of productive cleaning.

6. Plan Holiday Parties

...that I'll obviously never throw because I'm in grad school and have no time, let's be real.

7. Pin Holiday Gifts

It's the cheapest and laziest way to participate in Black Friday. There will probably be some more pie recipes pinned, too.

8. Listen To One Direction's New Album

Because it comes out a week before Thanksgiving. And Harry Styles, duh.

Obviously, my night is going to be extremely exciting and productive.

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