Are You Looking Forward To 'Peter Pan Live' Yet?

I had one reaction when I saw the new poster for NBC's live Peter Pan . That reaction was "Yes. Yessssss." Maybe even a "Yass." It's clearer and clearer with every new promotional image that this production is going to be a campy mess, and I am so here for that.

We have to embrace what feels true about this situation: Sound Of Music starring Carrie Underwood isn't going to be winning any critical awards ever, but it was a damn good time watching twitter watch that thing. Mass cultural events are a thing worth looking forward to — especially when they're something with such low stakes and guaranteed high levels of camp.

I have no doubt that Christopher Walken and Allison Williams are going to put their all into their roles, and I've seen proof that Williams has a beautiful voice. I also don't encourage people to hate-watch this thing — I think it's best approached with a healthy mixture of irony, mirth, and completely unironic love of brightly-colored flashy musical things. We have to prepare for Walken and Williams to fight each other with every bit of themselves. It will undoubtedly be glorious, and in a whole lot of ways. Perhaps even some we can't even imagine yet.

Image: NBC