11 Celebs Who Love a Good Pumpkin Patch

What is the most popular spot to be seen this fall season? No, it's not a new bar, restaurant, or store. It's actually the pumpkin patch. And to be clear, that’s not the name of a trendy new location in Los Angeles. I am talking about an actual field with dirt, pumpkins, gourds, and hay. It is a far cry from being glamorous, yet every celebrity has been snapped picking up and posing with pumpkins for all of October. Whether it's on a romantic, autumn date or a fun day with the kids, anyone who is anyone has been seen gettin' their fall on in the most classic of ways. This childhood tradition has become so trendy now that being "down-to-earth" and walking through the fields seems to be an actual status symbol in an ironic sort of way.

Does fall even exist for a celeb if they don't go pumpkin picking? Pictures or it didn't happen. What are the stars really thinking when they post photos on social media or pose for paparazzi pics at the pumpkn patch? Sadly, no one is going to answer that question for me, but I am a pro at differentiating between people's photo personas and their real life personalities, so I can guess what is actually happening. This is what I imagine is going on behind-the-scenes:

Fergie & Baby Axl

Baby Axl is clearly in shock with that gaping expression. He has to be thinking something like, “What are all these orange things? I feel like I am missing the point of this, but Mommy seems really happy to be here.”

J.Lo & the Twins

Jennifer Lopez has to be worrying about her white pants surrounded by all that outdoorsy dirt. Emme looks like she’s on the prowl for the cutest pumpkin to decorate. Max just seems a little over it. He has his head down, probably thinking, “Get me out of here away from these pumpkins and the paparazzi.”

Harry Styles with Erin Foster

Well how cute. It looks like Harry Styles might have been on a date here. A very smart move on his part, trying to give off that "I’m ready for cuddling season" vibe, while still wondering, “Is this really what Americans do in the fall?" Erin Foster is trying to keep it cool. She's probably just legitimately focused on finding the right pumpkin.

Jessica Alba & Daughter Haven

The whole family is looking fab here. Jessica Alba's daughter Haven is enjoying herself but maybe thinking “I love this quality time with Mommy. I hope all those pumpkins don’t make me a basic toddler though. I have a rep to maintain.” Health fanatic Alba is probably concerned about the pumpkins being organic and checking her pedometer to see if she’s getting in a good workout wandering about the patch.

Chloë Grace Moretz & her Brother Trevor

Moretz's Instagram caption reads, "It was a Very basic day with @trevordukemoretz getting our #Fall on.. Just missing our PSL’s..” but it’s really saying, "I am far from basic and everyone knows it. Obviously I’m being ironic. But yeah, I could honestly go for a pumpkin spice latte right now."

Amber Rose & Son Sebastian

How precious! This little cutie has to be curious about what’s going on: "Why does Mom want me to take a picture like this? What am I supposed to be doing? I better not get lost in this maze."

Kim Zolciak & Her Family

The Zolciak-Biermans continue being the cutest family on reality TV/ever in these photos Kim posted. I imagine her two sons trying to show off to their NFL father trying to see who could pick up the biggest pumpkin.

Calvin Harris & Girlfriend Aarika Wolf

It looks like Calvin Harris is taking some date-planning cues from Harry Styles. He Instagrammed this cute photo with his girlfriend and a wagon full of pumpkins. He's probably thinking, "We probably could have just saved us some trouble and bought a pumpkin pie."

Jaime King's Son James

Baby James has to be feeling like precious cargo right about now, “I got to pick my pumpkins and I didn’t even have to walk around. I am really more of a pointer than a lifter. Mom wheeling me around in this cart is my kind of outdoor activity."

GG from Shahs of Sunset

This is the most calm GG has ever looked, but you know there is much more behind her pursed lips smirk: “Did he catch my good side? I wonder what filter I should choose..."

Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans

What a happy looking family! With all the negative press and rumors that usually surround Evans, she must be happy to put out something positive. “See I am good mom."