Lesbians Explain Sex to Straight People

Last week, BuzzFeed asked straight people "at what moment has sex happened?" — and their answers were pretty standard and entirely hetero-normative; basically, most described sex as when a man's penis entered a woman's vagina. So when their answers were shown to lesbian women in a BuzzFeed video called "Lesbians Explain Sex to Straight People," these women decided to take it upon themselves to set the record straight about how sex can be so, so much more than that.

And it's a good thing they did, because when the same straight participants were asked what they thought lesbian sex was, they were even more confused than when they were defining heterosexual sex. Answers ranged from "I don't know" to "I've heard of scissoring?" to "heavy foreplay" (which, of course, can definitely be involved, but by definition foreplay is what occurs before sex, so...).

BuzzFeed also asked straight participants "if a lesbian doesn't have sex with a man, is she still considered a virgin?" to which most answered yes. But here's the thing — if your virginity is an important thing to you, you should get to choose and define the moment you're no longer a virgin (another point BuzzFeed's lesbian participants emphasized). And if you think virginity is just a construction designed to make people (mostly women) feel guilty for having sex, then you don't have anything to worry about anyway.

As one woman points out in the video, the reason people seem to be so confused is because there is little information out there educating people on anything other than heterosexual sex, not only in schools and sex-ed classes, but also in the media. If humans had sex for the sole purpose of reproduction, maybe this whole penis-in-vagina thing would be the end of this conversation. But we don't. We have sex fueled by passion, love, and the desire for new experiences — and those things all warrant some diverse love-making techniques.

Anyway, why don't I let this video speak for itself:

Images: YouTube