In Other News: Liz Cheney, The Tooth Fairy and Taylor Swift as Hitler

A suspect is in custody following a shooting at Carver High School in North Carolina. No injuries are reported.

So it's not just potentially creepy that the NSA is spying on us. It's also damn expensive. Apparently, $37 billion dollars-in-data-expensive, to be exact.

Neo-Nazi Paul Craig Cobb is planning to turn a small town in North Dakota into an all-white colony/haven for other racist people. (The best response to this may be a multicultural flashmob infiltration.)

Speaking of Nazis, a Pinterest user has been attributing Hitler quotes to Taylor Swift...and no one noticed, until now.

This game asks Americans to consider this humbling question before we bomb Syria: Can you even find Damascus on a map?

Daughter of Darth Vader Liz Cheney said she's "not pro-gay marriage." Which is awkward, because her sister is famously a lesbian, and probably sent her flowers for her birthday.

At least Anderson Cooper is standing up for gay people. Watch his awesome slamming of Pat Robertson's crazy offensive comments this week:

You might have had more money to spend on booze this weekend if you had been born in a different decade. Turns out the Tooth Fairy adjusts for inflation — kids these days are getting close to $4 a tooth.

Hopefully, the Tooth Fairy gets better treatment than monsters.