This Burrito Yoga Mat is The Single Best/Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Your Thursday Night Bikram Class

Yoga is pretty great. Even if you want to yell a string of profanities while your legs cramp up in downward dog for the eight millionth time during a 45-minute class, we can't deny the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of gettin' down and dirty with some sun salutations. You know what would make yoga even better? Burritos! More specifically, a yoga mat that looks like a burrito.

Okay, so it's actually a bag for your yoga mat, but let's not allow semantics to get in the way of our utter joy at this being a real thing. This $35 bag is designed to make your boring ole mat look like a luscious, foil-wrapped beauty from Chipotle. There are only two problems here: 1) the bag is sold by a company called Brogamat that seems to not understand that obviously women are just as excited about burritos as bros are, and 2) it's going to be nigh on impossible to get through an entire class without gnawing on that bag like a crazed rat.

By the way, Brogamat is an awesome company (sorry for the previous shade) that does understand that women want cool burrito mats, too. After all, its slogan is "Yoga for dudes. And women too." So, yoga (and burritos) for everyone. I want to meet the people behind Brogamat and hug them for dreaming up some Mexican food-themed yoga accessories, then punch them for making me so damn hungry while I'm trying to work on my shoulder stand.

I'm still not sure if daydreaming about a burrito bowl during Bikram is the best thing or the worst thing, but either way I am so down with the Brogamat burrito bag. Sometimes the easiest way to get through a tough workout is to spend it planning the amazing meal you're going to eat afterward as a reward.

Images: Brogamat