Fiona Apple Walked Off Stage at a Fashion Party Because People Wouldn't Shut Up

Fiona Apple is just one of those artists who, when she starts singing, everyone needs to immediately shut up because their lives are about to be greatly enriched when they hear her voice. Really it's true, but apparently no one at the Louis Vuitton party last night in Tokyo knew this, because Fiona Apple walked off stage during her performance at the event when people wouldn't stop talking.

For the record, she's the second celebrity to do that last night: According to reports, comedian Dave Chappelle walked off stage during his "comeback performance" at the Oddball Festival in Connecticut when people wouldn't stop heckling him during his set. Basically, people suck.

The report about Apple comes from Women's Wear Daily (who has the full recap of the event, in case you're interested in reading about how a bunch of rich people drank champagne in fabulous, expensive clothes and talked about #richpeopleproblems). According to the mag, Apple walked offstage during her performance when it became clear that people weren't going to shut up as she sang, but not after trying very hard to get them to be quiet and respectful during her set.

These methods included: Climbing on top of her piano to tell everyone to be quiet, yelling at them to "shut the fuck up," and ringing a small metal bell in an effort to get the attention (and probably in hopes they'd emit some Pavlovian response like intense drooling or something). When that didn't work, she walked off while calling everyone "rude," and yelling, "Predictable! Predictable fashion, what the fuck!"

Fiona Apple: The people's hero.