"LeBron James Franco" Is The Most Terrifying Celebrity Face Mash-Up Of All Time – PHOTO

LeBron James and James Franco have, the way I see it, two things in common: They share the name James, and they are both famous. That's pretty much the extent of it. While walking past each other at LAX they could both probably cooly chin-nod to each other to acknowledge a shared respect for their level of celebrity and general awesomeness, but that's it – UNTIL NOW. Thanks to the glorious, splendid, unfailing boredom of people on the internet, James and Franco now share something else: This creepy, creepy, creepy composite photo of both their faces staring solemnly and haunting our dreams.

Meet "LeBron James Franco". He is totally terrifying. He kind of looks the kind of dude who would appear in a television procedural crime drama as a red herring suspect. You know, the school janitor who just looks suspicious when, in fact, his only big secret is that he dreams of becoming a professional tap dancer in Atlantic City? Aw, I want to watch that episode of Law and Order now. Spoiler alert: I just made it up so that can never happen!

In this pantheon of celebrity mashups, I'm afraid "LeBron James Franco", while definitely good, doesn't quite compare to the champion, "Benicio Del Churro". It's breathtaking:

Images: Getty Images; Giphy(1)