'OUAT's Elsa Needs More Modern Clothes

So far, on Once Upon a Time, the show seems to mainly be using Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans, and Sven to see exactly how many Frozen inside jokes and references they can fit into a 40 minute episode. Not that I really have a problem with it, per say, since we still get to see Elsa and Emma Swan become best friends and spend our time trying to uncover the mystery of what exactly happened to Anna. However, the latest spoilers are already putting a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach because they're reminding me that Elsa isn't in Storybrooke to stay. According to TV Line, Elsa won't be changing her outfit on Once Upon a Time at all despite the fact that she's the only one walking around in a ball gown who isn't on their honeymoon.

Sure, Captain Hook has been in Storybrooke for three whole seasons and he's only changing his clothes for the first time in Sunday's episode, but that's no excuse. This is a missed opportunity for OUAT to truly take Elsa and make her their own. She already fits in perfectly well with the main cast and Emma is hanging out with another woman who isn't related to her for the first time since — since the show started! Can we get a petition to keep Elsa on the show for good? After all, if she's in Storybrooke to stay then she'll have to change her clothes eventually to fit her new job...

Mayor Elsa

Like Snow White, Elsa is the queen of the country from which she originates. Unlike Snow White, Elsa is actually addressed as a queen instead of a princess. Snow has been having trouble juggling running a town with being a mother to a newborn she's afraid to put down for even a second lest some new evil threat come after her baby. Elsa could totally raid Regina's closet and take over running Storybrooke for her.

Sheriff Elsa

Since she's on a quest to find her sister, Elsa spends a lot of time hanging out with the Sheriff's Department that consists entirely of Emma, Prince Charming, and volunteer work from Captain Hook and Snow White. Considering how often Storybrooke is under attack, they could use an extra hand with a Sheriff's badge clipped to her jeans who also has ice magic.

Teacher Elsa

Elsa has always felt isolated, unloved, and alone prior to the events of Frozen, keeping herself apart even from her sister out of fear of their intolerance and her hurting them. That sense of isolation gives her a lot in common with Mary Margaret Blanchard, Snow White's amnesiac persona from Season 1, who was a school teacher. Who's teaching the kids of Storybrooke now that Snow isn't doing it? Does Henry even go to school anymore?

Librarian Elsa

Of course, enlightening young minds might give Elsa anxiety even if she'd look cute as a button doing it. After all, what if she loses control of her powers and hurts someone's child? She'd never forgive herself. Since Belle Gold seems to spend all of her time in Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop nowadays, the position of Storybrooke Librarian seems to be open and it'd be a great opportunity to give Belle a friend who isn't Rumplestiltskin.

Pregnant Elsa

If Elsa hangs around Storybrooke long enough, there's a good chance that she might eventually run into her true love there. In the Once Upon a Time world, you can have two true loves. Regina, after all, has her son Henry and her lost love Robin Hood. Elsa's first true love would always remain her sister, Anna, but eventually she would meet a Kristoff of her own, fall in love, and have an itty bitty heir to Arendelle.

BFFs with Emma Elsa

The longer Elsa sticks around, the stronger her insta-bond with Emma would become until she reached the ultimate level of friendship: Emma lends her the red jacket. THE red jacket. The one that's practically Emma's "I'm going to save the hell out of everyone" uniform. If Elsa ever put that jacket on, I would lose my mind. Let the Emma Swan-Elsa friendship continue. Keep Elsa in Storybrooke!

Image: Disney