Drawing A Perfect Circle Is Incredibly Satisfying

If you’ve been drawing circles that look more like wrinkled peas than actual, circular circles, the solution for this tragedy is here to save your poor soul. In the video, “How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand”, genius Dave Hax instructs us how to create a perfectly even circle simply using a marker or pencil, and your hand. Dave Hax, where have you been all our lives? Where were you when I was in second grade and trying my best to draw all nine planets (yes, nine, Pluto was a planet back in the 90s) for my science project? Where were you when I was in art class trying to paint an ethereal and unrealistically even planet earth? ANSWER ME. But don’t bother I guess, because now you’re here for us with answers. You have lent us a hand and guided us so that we too, can forge an enviable circle.

The best part about this how-to video is that it’s genuinely easy, unlike many of the other “You’ve Been Doing This One Thing Wrong Your Entire Life, Here’s How You Do It The Right Way, But It Will Take You Like Five Extra Hours” videos (remember the guy who taught us how to “properly” eat cake? As if I needed any help!) All you have to do is place “the bony part” of your wrist on a piece of paper and spin the paper while your circle basically draws itself. You can make big circles. You can make little circles. You can make medium-shaped circles. You can now draw impeccable cartoon wheels and eyes and suns and Starbucks logos without any wobbly, uneven features. Thank you, Dave Hax. Thank you.

Image: DaveHax/YouTube