'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Has Its First Trailer

Downton Abbey's third season is widely remembered for, well, death. Without spoiling anything for anyone who has not yet indulged in the season, it is mainly known for repeatedly ripping out the hearts of its viewers and stomping on them over and over again. Repeatedly. Again and again. Did I say that part already? Bueller? Basically, everything got sad a lot. Now, with season four coming in September, it's time to rebuild from the wreckage. And so in steps the first full trailer for the new season.

Spoilers for season three and whatever inhabits the trailer lie beyond this point.

"You have a straightforward choice," Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess tells granddaughter Lady Mary Crawley. "You must choose. Either death, or life." "And you think I should choose life," Lady Mary responds, still grief-stricken over the loss of her husband Matthew late last season.

It's pretty clear that, eventually, Lady Mary will have to choose life. She's got a new baby, a television show to help carry, and the roaring twenties in front of her. The rest of the trailer embraces the optimism of the period,* promising new romances for the heartbroken, dancing, some great fashion, and some actual characters of color. There will of course be more disappointments and set-backs along the way, but they probably won't kill off two major characters again this season, right?


*(let's ignore what happens at the end of the twenties for now)