Ranking the 11 Swept Bangs That Changed the World, from Troy Bolton To 'The Rachel'

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The person who invented the swept bang isn't just a cosmetic genius, they're a rebel. When society told them to comb down, they thought — "I'm gonna go against convention and change the course of history." In a moment of brilliance, this hairstylist took a horizontal bang, brushed against gravity, and created the swept bang. Then, pop culture went ham on it.

Who can forget the devil-may-care locks of Troy Bolton? How about the more low-key bangs of Liz Lemon, or the Rihanna bangs? Because everyone loves a time capsule, I'm ranking eleven of the most influential swept bangs in pop culture history. Get ready, guys. There's about to be a whole lot of head-tossing up in here.

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